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Jewelry Photography Tips-A guide for how to photograph jewelry
  1. Jewelry Photography in a nutshell - Quick and easy tips
  2. The Basics: Key elements in jewelry photography
  3. How to photograph silver, white gold and platinum jewelry
  4. Avoiding unnecessary shadows and reflections
  5. Positioning your jewelry - Using different jewelry accessories
  6. Positioning your jewelry - Using holding wax
  7. Giving Sparkles to your jewelry using white natural daylight LEDs
  8. Halogen lighting used for photographing rubies, amethysts & more
  9. Artistic jewelry photography by using black and white acrylics
Basic Camera setup in 10 Easy Steps - For use with an MK Lighting System
Learn how to set up your Canon A640 & S3IS Powershot Digital Cameras
  1. Connect the AC power adaptor to your camera
  2. Insert the memory card into your camera
  3. Install the close-up lens to the camera
  4. Select the Auto focus option
  5. Set the camera to manual mode
  6. Fix the aperture to the biggest F Stop number
  7. Turn off or disable the camera flash
  8. Turn on or off the macro mode on your camera
  9. Do a custom white balance adjustment
  10. Adjust the file size and resolution to fine JPEG




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