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SharpCatalog Detailed Features

  • Fully integrated with Gemsoft Treasure, data entry and images can be entered, modified on either application, on the same computer or on the network, no need to import or export,  the data is 100% shared between the applications.

  • Stepping stone to Gemsoft Treasure, you can start with SharpCatalog and as your business needs increase move up to Gemsoft Treasure32..

  • SharpCatalog is a true 32 bit program, runs on Window XP, 2KX, Vista, 7 & 8

  • Complete inventory database

  • Very stable and easy to use.

  • Extensive query capability of database, once the results of the query are obtained, one button will create a Catalog from the results.  (this is very powerful feature, and our customers really like this feature)

  • Database is MS Access format, so customers can use the info in other MS Office products

  • Easy to use drag n drop interface for beginners

  • Images are stored as JPEG's, outside the database.

  • Catalog files are simple text files, images are not stored in the cat files, thus one image can be used in 100's of different catalogs, but only one image is stored on the hard disk, this saves space and allows the application scale to multiple systems without problems.

  • Unlimited inventory size

  • 5k thumbnails are created for each image

  • Directory Browser allows existing images to be used in catalogs instantly, no need to import.

  • Automatic scaling of all images, so any size image can be used in the catalog, even different size images can be mixed in the same page.

  • Any size image can be captured, not just a few predetermined sizes

  • Auto detection of screen resolution, allows SharpCatalog to run on any screen size.

  • Very resistant to technological obsolesce, since SharpCatalog can take advantage of larger images and larger screen resolutions and faster computers as they become available.  This will allow users with old P100's to use SharpCatalog, as well as users with the latest PIII800 and large 3000x2000 screens can still use it and fully utilize the potential of the hardware.  As computers become faster and faster, users will be able to save all the images at much higher resolutions, and SharpCatalog will support this without modification.

  • Designed to be networked from inception, the images, databases, and catalog files can all be stored on a central server and accessed by multiple SharpCatalog and Gemsoft Systems at the same time (max is 255 concurrent sessions)

  • TWAIN support built in for most other video capture devices, no need to import.

  • Windows clipboard support.

  • Support other image formats such as pcx, bmp, fractal, tiff in catalogs without the need to import.

  • Trim function, this will remove 5% of the perimeter of an image, and then scale the image to make it appear larger, very useful for getting rid off the garbage around the edge caused by many capture devices, also allows you to zoom out, capture at very high resolution, then trim away the outsize, this gives very good depth of field in the image.

  • Appraisals can be printed, a copy is stored on the database for future reference or printing.

  •  Catalogs can be saved as HTML files, no need to use another program to create web pages

  • Automatic creation of CD-ROM  catalogs with auto insert launch of the catalog.

  • Smart Clipboard allows the temporary storage of unlimited pictures with the info, so users can easily move pictures between different catalogs

  • Any jpg can be used for the header, footer and image background, SharpCatalog will stretch the image to fit,  the size is not critical, but should be close.

  • You can turn of the background for printing just plain white catalogs, looks clean, prints very fast and saves ink.

  • Can change the header text just by clicking on it.

  • Can use Style Number for pictures option, this way one picture can be used for different stock numbers with the same style

  • Inventory printout with pictures. 

  • Image parameter database allows you to see the capture settings for any saved image.

  • Has slide show

  • Has inventory select for users that just want to quickly type in the item number without clicking and playing with windows

  • Has image editing, brightness, contrast, gamma, soften, sharpen, blur, red, green, blue, gray scale, mirror, rotate, apply a colored mat, trim.  Shows before and after as well as an undo function.


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