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Installation Guide




  •  Start the ATI Capture software. (ATIPLAYER.EXE)
  • Connect the Video Out cable to the ATI Capture Card's Video Input connector (Yellow RCA) and th e Y/C connector to the S-Video cable of the ATI card.
  • Place an object inside the SharpStudio Box and turn all the lights on.
  • Make sure the camera is plugged in and the cap is off.



  • Set the Aperture ring (Top ring on camera which lightens or darkens the picture) to slightly past 16 towards the C marking.
HOW TO FOCUS: The best way to get a sharp image is to place an item in the SharpStudio Master. (1) Zoom the lens all the way to the largest magnification. The zoom adjustment is the middle ring . (2) Set the aperture on the lens to the f16 setting (this controls how much light gets into the camera. (3) Set the focus ring to middle position on lens, this is ring closest to the bottom of the lens, it has numbers representing distance in meters. (4) The item will likely be out of focus now, so to focus the item loosen the camera mounting bolt and move the entire camera up or down to get the sharpest focus. (5) Once the item is in focus the camera height is now correct, you can now "fine tune" the focus using the focus ring on the camera. (6) Once your are satisfied with the focus you can move the zoom lever out to set the desired size of the item.




Click OK and now you should see your image showing in the ATI Preview screen.

Click the Camera button (Icon) .. now the image is saved in Windows Clipboard.

1. Switch to the SharpCatalog Inventory Screen (above)
2. Click Add , to add a new item to the database.
3. Type in the fields as required.
4. Press the UPDATE button.
5. Click on Paste Clipboard Image Button. You should see the image there (If not Check the setup screens above) and the image is automatically saved.


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